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Austin MotoGP, April 2013

The bikes come the circuit of the Americas and I was there for the practice sessions to see how easy / hard bikes were compared to F1 cars.


This sample image was in a different part of the track than I have tried before. The bikes come straight at you through an "S" but you have to shoot through the fence. Fences are OK when they are close enough but I felt I was a little far away. The angle was so cool I decided to try some anyway. You can see the original in the gallery but this one has 3 bikes at different angles because of the right then left. I played with some photoshop filters and liked the effect. I hope you do too and enjoy the rest of the session photos here.

Getting started with Time Lapse

Time lapse is fascinating. Once you get started you begin to notice how much of it you see in a day. Ads, fades in TV shows, snippets in films. Not to mention nature and wildlife programs.

So I thought I would give it a try. The video below is the first one I personally like as a stand alone. I am working on a general longer Asutin time lapse. More to come ...

AUSTIN SUNSET 1 OF MANY from Bob Smith on Vimeo.

Amazonas mission trip to the Satere Indian Nation of Brazil.

An amazing and very unusual trip for us both, Ben and I accompanied 8 missionaries from the First Baptist Church of Orlando, Florida on a 10 day mission trip in the Amazonas region of Brazil. We visited 6 villages in the Satere-Maue nation's lands. I will write more about the trip as time goes on. The stills are already mostly posted here.

The full video of the trip is now available in 2 parts, aptly named Part 1 and Part 2. They are both live on YouTube and last about 10 minutes each:

Death Valley 2012!

I took it into my head to drive to California with truck and trailer and then spend a week in Death Valley. In spring it is quite pleasant. Enjoy the shots I took ...


New Zealand 2011!

This was not a photo trip by any means but we could call it a photo reconaisance. I did manage a few cools shots. Judge for yourself.
... here .

New Video: It rained!

Severe drought conditions here in Central Texas but an overnight sorm broght over 5 inches of rain. One of my favourite small waterfalls needed video to do it justice. Enjoy!
Check it out on YouTube

Article: What's Infrared?

I have added an Infrared gallery and thought some visitors might be interested to find out what I mean. the gallery is called "Near Infrared" and here is a short explanation about what I mean.
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Article: HDR:

For those curious about HDR (High Dynamic Range) I have created a simple example. This isn't a tutorial but rather an introduction for those who might wonder what that caption means on some of my images.
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